Topeka, KS

Michael’s Resurfacing LLC offers resurfacing and refinishing solutions in Topeka, KS. Our family owned and operated resurfacing company provides a cost effective alternative to the expense and inconvenience of remodeling. Advances in resurfacing technology enable us to repair chips, cracks, holes, and other damage with many color options to update the style of your home and restore the appearance of fixtures, tile, and counters.

Often, fixtures, tile, and countertops become damaged from normal daily use over a period of years and abrasive cleansers. In most situations, only the surface needs to be replaced, as the structural integrity remains intact. Our bathroom & kitchen countertop resurfacing, floor refinishing, and bathroom & bathtub refinishing services enable you to restore the appearance of your home at a much lower cost and without the disruption and stress of a full remodel.

The bathroom and kitchen refinishers at Michael’s Resurfacing LLC offer a wide variety of services to make you fall in love with your home again. We provide ceramic tile & countertop resurfacing, vanities, bathtubs, tile floors, tile showers, fiberglass showers, and shower pans. In addition, we repair surfaces, shower doors, and provide custom finishes and solutions to improve bathroom safety.

We have included information about our services, answers to frequently asked questions, and before and after pictures of some of our recent projects on our website. Our Topeka, KS showroom is open Monday through Friday and by appointment on Saturdays. For additional information or to request a free estimate for your project, please contact us at (785) 215-6215 or fill out the form on our website for an estimate.